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What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery

Components of a hard drive

In today’s world of data recovery, data storage, and massive capacity… low cost hard drives are common place. Unfortunately as with most things, price and quality go together. Forget to perform regular backups and you’re going to be the next person looking for a professional hard drive recovery service to find and recover your data.

Just think about how much information you are now able to cram into today’s desktop hard drive. It’s truly incredible, and while it may be astounding, it’s also almost dangerous. With even just a slight degradation in the media or heads, these drives are unable to read sectors or blocks on the disk. As the unreadable blocks increase, the drive allocates the unreadable blocks to a growing defect list and it reallocates the defective block to one in its reserves. As the reserve defect list grows, it eventually reaches is maximum size and it actually overflows. When the defect list overflows, it becomes corrupted!

Is Your Hard Drive Clicking?

One day you turn the drive on and you hear the dreaded clicking noise and then you see that the drive is not detected by the computer BIOS. So what is going on? Well, the chances are that your hard drive has been dying for some time and the defect list has overflowed and you are left with a metal brick which used to contain your life’s information! At this point you can forget about putting the drive in the freezer or swapping the PCB to repair the drive. Your going to need parts to repair your hard drive, parts for damaged hard drives can be sourced from suppliers like Real-d Donor Drives. What you are going to need, is a professional data recovery service, such as CDR core data recovery, to repair the drive and recover you data.

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